Remodeling Master Bathroom – Feb 3rd, 2021

A recent plumbing estimate came in for a bathroom remodeling job. Here was the request:

I am remodeling my master bathroom that has a shower separate from the bathtub. We are keeping the configuration the same, but we need some minor adjustments. Since I have my water lines exposed it is the perfect opportunity to upgrade if possible.

1) Assess whether my exposed lines can be updated and recommend a course of action.
2) My current shower lines need to shifted to the left to center correctly.
3) My current bathtub lines need to shifted to the left as well to line up to the placement of the new bathtub.
4) Prepare all the plumbing associated with a bathtub installation.
5) Old shower drain cap and surrounding material needs to be removed, leaving a clean bowl around the exposed pipe. The hope is the exposed pipe will be a 2″ diameter to accommodate a Schluter drain system to be installed when the tile work goes down. 

We will be posting the final estimate here to help guide you for similar bathroom remodeling projects.