Slab Leak Repair College Station

Your concrete slab is the foundation of your home. A pesky leak caused by a broken pipe can compromise the entire structure.  Unaddressed leaks erode base material under the foundation and this causes the weight of your house to distribute pressure weight unevenly.  As you can imagine, over time this will produce stress fractures in the slab.  This is a complicated way of saying, “water leaks can break your house!” There are other problems as well.

Keep an eye on your water bill.  An unusually high bill may indicate a leak under your concrete slab. The sound of running water when all appliances and fixtures are dormant is another big clue that you need to do a little investigating.

If you notice any spots on the flooring of your home that are warm to the touch, a break in a hot water line underneath your slab is usually the culprit.

Lastly, mildew or unexpected moisture on your carpet or flooring should also alert you to a water leak coming through cracks in your slab. Not only does the slab leak issue go unresolved, but saturation of your carpet could lead to irreparable damage.

We know how frustrating slab leaks can be. Give JBG a call to repair a slab leak with professional, timely service.  

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