Water Pressure Repair:

Low water pressure is more than annoyance — it is often a sign that something else is wrong: it might be a minor adjustment or it may be evidence of significant pipe damage. Only an experienced plumber will be able to diagnose the problem with any certainty. IF you have a persistent low water pressure issue at your house, it’s worth a call to get it checked out.

Corrosion happens to older (pre-PVC) pipes and it can slow down water flow. The particles and flakes from the pipes themselves can easily collect in the pipe joints. Over time, corrosion will eventually lead to small openings in the pipes themselves. This can lead to the second issue: leaking. A small hole will absolutely effect the water pressure in the line.

Lastly, mineral deposits – even dirt from the water main -form in pipes year by year. Calcium and magnesium deposits will restrict water flow. This usually takes quite a bit of time to accumulate, but if the timeline stretches far enough — you will notice the drop in pressure. A skilled plumber can solve this problem and JBG tackles this sort of problem every day. Remember, you don’t have to put up with low water pressure and we are only a phone call away.

PRO-TIP: Want to see if you have a water leak? Go read your water meter and then shut off all your faucets — don’t flush a toilet or run the laundry/dishwasher. Read the meter after a few hours. If there is a change, you are LOSING water (and money) somewhere. Your next call should be JBG Plumbing!