Hose Bib Repair & Install College Station

That water hose fixture (pipe, valve, and spigot) on the side of your house is called a “hose bib” by those in the plumbing profession.  They’re incredibly useful (when they work correctly), but specific problems do arise with a hose bib from time to time.

The most critical time of the year is actually the season you use it the least: winter. We drag hoses around during most of the year: watering plants, refilling the pool, rinsing out coolers, but when the cold weather arrives, we don’t do as much of that and we forget about them until the weather warms up again.  Freezing winter temperatures can cause the hose bib to fracture and burst.  

Freezing pipes occur when water remaining in the faucet is allowed to freeze (and thus expand), which leads to pipes bursting. Since most homes are designed so that a large part of the outdoor faucet is stored inside the wall, a pipe bursting could lead to a flooded home. That’s the last thing you want during those cold winter months.

Hose bibs can also develop leaks which results in lost water (and money) and possible erosion damage around the foundation of your home.   So, remember to pay attention to these signs, and call JBG if you spot them. We’ll take care of the rest!