Apartment Assessments

A recent plumbing estimate came in for apartments. Here was the request:

A Plumbing resource was required for an apartment property, A plumber visits the site and does a basic conditions inspection of selected apartments.

Plumbing Assessment – 56 apartments

The scope will be limited to inspection of only (6) apartments and will include the following:

Enter apartment unit.
Check flow at the kitchen sink. Look for leaks, insufficient flow, backups.
Check bathroom appliances for proper flow, leaks, backups.
Identify any distribution piping that is not copper or PVC and indicate the condition.
(Should take about 15 mins per apartment).

Then – plumber will go outside and camera-scope two sanitary lines through clean-outs.
Write up a 1- to 2-page report on company letterhead, describing the units inspected, the conditions observed, and description of any deficiencies found.

 (1981 – 24 apts)
 (1983 – 32 apts)
Constructed in Two Phases – 1981 and 1983
56 Apartment Units total

We will be posting the final estimate here to help guide you for similar remodeling projects.