Garbage Disposal Services College Station

The old adage sure seems like it holds today, doesn’t it: the average life expectancy is the length of the warranty plus one day! While this “feels” true, you’ll be happy to know that the average lifespan of a kitchen disposal is twelve years. That’s quite a long time when you consider they’re relatively inexpensive (at least as far as kitchen appliances go).

So, what can you feed your disposal that might keep it happy and shredding? You can send almost anything down the disposal so long as you keep the water running. There are a few things that will prematurely age your disposal and possibly ruin it completely.

Never feed your disposal highly fibrous vegetables: celery stalks, corn husks, or asparagus. Those strings will wrap themselves around the small moving parts: the blades, the rotating heads, etc. Never feed your disposal coffee grounds: they create a dark sludge that settles at the bottom and creates the blockage in the pipes. Grounds won’t keep blades from turning, but they settle layer by layer into the pipes which hurts water flow. Of course, there are the old standard “nevers” — egg shells, potato peelings, grease, or hard fruit pits (think peach pits). These can damage blades or stick to the interiors of the cannister. If it needs to be mentioned, don’t send bones down the disposal. They splinter and jam blades. Roofing nails. Don’t send roofing nails down the garbage disposal — you think we’re kidding, but…we’ve been doing this a long time and have seen some crazy things!

PRO-TIP: grinding a lemon rind down the disposal every once in awhile can “freshen” the disposal, keeping it clean and eliminating disgusting odors. Make sure to run the disposal every night after dinner to keep the sink lines clear and pests from taking interest in what remains at the bottom of your sink. Give JBG a call if you feel like your sink disposal is underperforming or nearing the end of its lifespan. They’re certainly worth the small investment.

 How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Well

 Have you ever heard the adage that states the life expectancy of anything is equal to the length of the warranty plus one day? If you have ever faced the frustration of a garbage disposal breaking down before its time, you understand why this saying came to be. In truth, kitchen disposals should last approximately 12 years before needing replacement or dangerous repairs. Not only should they last quite a while, but they are not that expensive to replace when they finally stopped working. They certainly cost a lot less than a dishwasher, refrigerator, or oven. Below we will discuss what causes garbage disposals to fail in College Station way before they should.

 No matter how old your garbage disposal is, if it stops shredding kitchen waste properly, you need the best repair services for a garbage disposal that College Station has to offer.

Although we at JBG offer complete garbage disposal services in College Station, TX, and the surrounding area, you should practice appropriate usage methods and maintenance to keep yours running well. The following tips will help your kitchen equipment work as long as possible.

Four Things To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Well

  1. Avoid Fibrous Vegetables: Any fruit parts or vegetables with particularly fibrous or woody textures can clog up or burn out your kitchen disposal quickly. These include raw asparagus, celery stalks, corn husks, and fruit rinds. The tough fibers in these and other vegetables will wrap around the blades and moving parts inside the disposal. This will slow them down and make them wear out more quickly.
  2. Chuck the Coffee Grounds: The leftover dregs from your coffee pot turn into a thick paste that will clog up the kitchen disposal over time. Instead of stopping the blades from turning completely, grounds affect the water flow in the pipes and lead to an increased risk of more blockages from other food scraps.
  3. Throw Out the Tough Stuff: A homeowner who has a garbage disposal should know never to throw certain things down the drain. These include potato peel, fruit pits, eggshells, grease and oil, and similar items that the mechanism cannot chop up quickly. Never drop bones down there either. Do not send anything hard down there. We at JBG have seen it all in our time maintaining and replacing garbage disposals: utensils, toothpicks, small plastic toys, even roofing nails.
  4. Keep the Garbage Disposal Fresh and Clean: Every time you use your kitchen garbage disposal, run water at the same time to keep everything flowing smoothly. After all, you want to make sure no food particles get stuck on the blades or the walls of the system and end up getting moldy or clogging up the pipes. To keep things fresh and smelling better, drop the rind of a lemon down once a month or so. Always remember to run the disposal at least once a day to make sure nothing settles in there and attracts pests.

Whether you were careful or not with your kitchen garbage disposal in College Station, there will come a time when it breaks down or needs replacement. Contact JBG and make an appointment at a convenient time to get the best service from skilled technicians in the area.