Water Filter Installation College Station

Lugging heavy jugs of filtered (RO — reverse osmosis) water from the store to the car and from the car into the house can be quite tedious — fortunately, it can also be part of your past.

Imagine getting the best-purified water right at the kitchen sink. The water line to your fridge usually passes through a charcoal filter, but RO filtered water is an enormous improvement in both taste and improved filtration.

Beyond improved drinking water, RO water improves water used for cooking, cleaning, and indoor plants. When you want water free of lead and microbial organisms, an RO system is excellent choice. For example, filtration systems remove chlorine, bacteria, rust and dirt from entering your water supply, or vaporizing into the atmosphere. These pollutants won’t ever come into contact with your lungs, clothes, or mouth.

Reverse osmosis is an environmentally-friendly and cost-saving distillation alternative. The filtration process uses salination and pressure to decontaminate the water supply for your home. JBG can discuss your water filtration needs and offer specific recommendations when you call us at 979.277.6771.