Video Pipe Inspection College Station

High resolution scoping cameras are an indispensable tool in the plumbing trade. We can use our cameras to locate clogs, identify the the source of water leaks, inspect under foundations, and search out broken pipe fittings. JBG doesn’t want to simply fix a compromised sewer line or partially remove a clogged line for slightly improved flow. You need to know the source of these problems and we must address the underlying cause. Our cameras make this process much easier and it helps us communicate with our customers: in most cases, you’ll be able to see exactly the problem we see. The cameras take the guess work out of plumbing, and JBG customers appreciate being full informed. Give us a call for permanent plumbing solutions! LEAKING PIPES: Most often, the source of leaking pipes is a failed joint. It’s true that pipes corrode and fixtures break, but we check the points of contact first: joints. Stripped threads, insufficiently tightened joints, and soldering problems create plumbing problems. JBG sees these issues every day. Freezing, shifting foundations, and water pressure variation all contribute to joint failure. On new installation, the joints need to be checked and double checked to insure years of dependable service. So, when you detect a water leak, give JBG a call.