Sewer Line Repair College Station

A properly functioning sewer system is a non-negotiable. Unfortunately, old sewer lines have a limited lifespan — old clay pipes/iron pipes and orangeburg fiber pipes fail over time. PVC pipes are estimated to last 400 years if they aren’t broken by impact or exposed to UV rays (sunlight makes the plastic brittle).   

Blockage or buildup of any kind can easily lead to severe health risk and property damage.  Roots from trees or corrosion are often the biggest sewer line problems. Any number of things can obstruct drain flow.  

We guarantee that JBG will be able to identify the primary cause of the sewer line blockage and we won’t leave until we offer a recommendation that will solve your issue.  There’s no use in merely “patching” a problem or  making a situation slightly better than when we first arrived — unless we tackle the underlying problem, you’ll have the same issue a few months later.  JBG won’t stop until we’ve found the cause of blockage and explain how we can create a long-term solution for your drainage problem. Give us a call when you notice you have any drainage issues.

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