Expansion Tanks College Station

Expansion tanks are a relatively inexpensive way to improve your plumbing system.  

These devices go hand in hand with your water heater to ensure that the pressure of your water system remains balanced. An expansion tank controls pressurization when hot water expands by absorbing the expansion produced by the high temperature of the water. When water is heated, it expands. So you might think of an expansion tanks as a shock absorber for your water heater.

Expansion tanks can make your plumbing system more effective and take some burden off your valves, but they can develop their own issues.  Here are a few problems:

Problem 1: Excess Water

Because expansion tanks absorb the expansion of hot water, they can take on an excess amount of water. If the valves aren’t in tip-top shape, then this water buildup has no way to exit the expansion tank. You’re risking dangerous annoyances, like home and electrical damage or even explosion, by ignoring excess water signs in expansion tanks. Watch for dripping water from the pressure relief valve, and if there is a little bit of leakage, give us a call us to inspect the tank.

Problem 2: Valve Issues

This nuisance is somewhat related to Problem 1. Problems can arise with valves and tubes when they become clogged, rusted or start to break. Being aware of your hot water system is the best way to monitor the state of the valves that are connected to your expansion tank and hot water system. Periodically run your eyes over the plumbing and look for signs of rust or dripping water.

Problem 3: Condensation

If the expansion tank is storing too much water or if the heat is too high on the hot water system, condensation could build on the outside of the tank. This is even more likely to happen on tanks that don’t have much breathing room or ones that are small and used frequently. If too much condensation is allowed to build up, the tank could rust or water dripping could cause home and electrical damage.

IF you are interested in discussing expansion tanks or notice your tank needs professional attention, give JBG a call — a timely repair can avoid future (and often, expensive) repairs.