Plumbing Maintenance Program

Our job is saving you money and extending the life of your plumbing system. With our programs, you get priority service at a discount, AND we work to prevent plumbing breakdowns from happening in the first place, saving you money in the process.

Choose the best program for your needs

Standard Program $12.99 month – we flush tank water heater and inspect everything. 10% discount on calls

Standard + Program $19.99 month – we flush tank or tankless water heaters. Includes BASIC toilet and sink unclog (limit 3) and inspect everything else. Basic check and service of the A/C main drain trap. 15% discount on other calls

Premiere Program $29.99 month – we flush heater, includes 5 BASIC toilets or sink unclogs and one annual camera inspection of the sewer system including a check and service of the A/C main drain trap. 20% discount on future calls

All plans are transferable.

What items in the home are inspected?

  • WATER HEATER Check the burner assembly, drain the water heater, and clean the sediment tank. Checks are performed on the vent assembly, temperature, and pressure relief valve, thermostat settings, and safety controls.
  • TOILETS AND SINKS Inspect for leaks and proper flush and check the water measuring device. The float ball, overflow tube, and linkage will be adjusted and set to the manufacturer’s specs. We clean aerators and check for proper seals.
  • WATER PRESSURE Check the pressure on incoming lines and check and adjust the regulator as necessary.
  • VALVES/CONNECTIONS Check all valves for proper operation and check all outside faucets. Your tech will also label the main shut-off valve for easy emergency identification if necessary. All connections and hoses to dishwashers and washing machines are checked, and loose packing nuts are tightened.
  • DRAINS/PIPING Check exposed copper piping for corrosion and check all drains for proper operation and back-pitch. We also treat your garbage disposal.

Additional Information about our maintenance plans:

If the item we are inspecting is not in working order, we will need to change valves or replace broken parts that are not covered under the inspection or flush.


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